Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quick Update (Kindle vs. iPad)

My absence from this blog is inexcusable. I've been very busy over the past few weeks, pre-producing a couple of spots that I'm directing. I have thoughts on this Kindle vs. iPad debate that I'd like to share in a big, long, expository post - basically, the iPad is an interactive digital magazine (a few weeks ago, this was a portrait of an impossible future) and the Kindle is an interactive, digital book (obvs). The Kindle has a digital ink screen (readable in direct sunlight), while the iPad has a backlit screen and a processor (10 hours of battery life for the iPad, vs. 2 weeks with the Kindle). The two devices are different and serve different market segments and are therefore not in direct competition.

I'll be back later this week with more of a complete update, including thoughts on the future of cinematography and filmmaking.

Thank you for your patience.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Three Trees Ranch - January 2010

I had the opportunity to go my friend Matt's ranch this weekend. It was a great escape from suburban life and work for 48 hours.
Click the image to see the photos on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rejected Daily Photos

I've stayed true to my word and I've been taking a photo every single day since January 1st. Actually, I've been taking many photos every day. This leaves me with the task at the end of the day, to choose the right photo to put up in the "Project 365: The Things We See" group on Flickr. It's been a great exercise and a lot of my favorite photos aren't actually making the cut, on account of them being off topic, or just too intimate. So, I'll post some of them here! Enjoy:

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P.S. After the Christmas Rap Video project, a lot of new, important people have been visiting this blog (the video linked here), which has slightly intimidated me. Deliberate Industries has always been the ethos of my film production, so it makes sense that this web space would be reserved for ideas based on that name. However, soon I will be creating a new blog space and a seperate company space. In the meantime, I will post more often here. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project 365: The Things We See

Every day of 2010, I will be taking at least one photograph and posting it on my newly created Flickr account. The project, for me, serves a two-fold purpose. 1. To document my year. 2. To become a better photographer. The more pictures one takes, the more video one shoots, the more of an intuitive documentarian one becomes.The project was created by Justin and Christina Childress and is called Project 365: The Things We See. I'll be posting my photos to my 365 day photo set.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Three Passions – A Map For This Blog

Here is a breakdown of the things I write about, the things in which I claim to profess knowledge. This is a sort of map for where this blog will go and what will be talked about in 2010. In the past this website has been a journal and a journalistic experiment. Right now, it will just be a place to sort out the things I'm interested in, give us a chance to communicate and hopefully you'll learn something from me as well.

1. Movie-Making
  • a. Filmmakers
  • i. Auteurs - Telling "their" story
  • ii. Story-tellers - Telling "our" story
  • b. Technology
  • i. Cameras
  • ii. Editing technology (software and hardware)

2. Urban Development
  • a. Great cities
  • i. Culture
  • 1. Culture inspired by the city
  • 2. The city as inspired by the national or regional culture
  • ii. Public trasportation
  • 1. Trains, planes and automobiles
  • 2. Trails, bike lanes, skate parks (also regular parks)
  • b. Urbanism at human scale
  • i. Defining space
  • ii. Places worth caring about (Thank you James Howard Kunstler)

3. Fashion
  • a. Functional fashion
  • i. Work clothes (semi-casual)
  • ii. Workout clothes (clothes to get physical in)
  • b. Classic looks
  • i. Going out (dress to impress)
  • ii. Going around town (clothes to both walk around and look good in)
*Sorry for the stupid bullet points. HTML and I aren't getting along today.*

My fourth passion, which is really my first, is the historical Jesus Christ. That will be no secret, but won't be talked about much here. But that's neither a promise nor a rule.

Friday, January 01, 2010

The Things I'm Doing In 2010

•Launching (currently links here...) - a place to showcase my film reel, writing and bio, with a link to my bloggings.

•Finishing all of my travel videos on and moving my video making to and

•Taking a photo everyday and posting it to as part of Project 365: The Things We See, created by Christina Childress.

•Finishing editing my short film "More Than It Is"

•Finishing writing my feature-length screenplay "Cowtown Coffee"

More things...thinking about it for the rest of the evening.