Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Three Passions – A Map For This Blog

Here is a breakdown of the things I write about, the things in which I claim to profess knowledge. This is a sort of map for where this blog will go and what will be talked about in 2010. In the past this website has been a journal and a journalistic experiment. Right now, it will just be a place to sort out the things I'm interested in, give us a chance to communicate and hopefully you'll learn something from me as well.

1. Movie-Making
  • a. Filmmakers
  • i. Auteurs - Telling "their" story
  • ii. Story-tellers - Telling "our" story
  • b. Technology
  • i. Cameras
  • ii. Editing technology (software and hardware)

2. Urban Development
  • a. Great cities
  • i. Culture
  • 1. Culture inspired by the city
  • 2. The city as inspired by the national or regional culture
  • ii. Public trasportation
  • 1. Trains, planes and automobiles
  • 2. Trails, bike lanes, skate parks (also regular parks)
  • b. Urbanism at human scale
  • i. Defining space
  • ii. Places worth caring about (Thank you James Howard Kunstler)

3. Fashion
  • a. Functional fashion
  • i. Work clothes (semi-casual)
  • ii. Workout clothes (clothes to get physical in)
  • b. Classic looks
  • i. Going out (dress to impress)
  • ii. Going around town (clothes to both walk around and look good in)
*Sorry for the stupid bullet points. HTML and I aren't getting along today.*

My fourth passion, which is really my first, is the historical Jesus Christ. That will be no secret, but won't be talked about much here. But that's neither a promise nor a rule.

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