Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rejected Daily Photos

I've stayed true to my word and I've been taking a photo every single day since January 1st. Actually, I've been taking many photos every day. This leaves me with the task at the end of the day, to choose the right photo to put up in the "Project 365: The Things We See" group on Flickr. It's been a great exercise and a lot of my favorite photos aren't actually making the cut, on account of them being off topic, or just too intimate. So, I'll post some of them here! Enjoy:

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P.S. After the Christmas Rap Video project, a lot of new, important people have been visiting this blog (the video linked here), which has slightly intimidated me. Deliberate Industries has always been the ethos of my film production, so it makes sense that this web space would be reserved for ideas based on that name. However, soon I will be creating a new blog space and a seperate company space. In the meantime, I will post more often here. Thank you for reading.

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