Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Images From The Roadtrip

I spent the last week on a roadtrip from Fort Worth, Texas - to Austin, Texas - then to Santa Fe, New Mexico - Williams, Arizona - The Grand Canyon, and finally to Los Angeles. Here are some photos from the trip.

Mural on the side of Domy Books in East Austin:
A really freaky looking photo journal called "The Hyena and Other Men":
Halcyon Coffee Shop, Austin, Texas (with just a hint of Kyle):
Wind farms as far as the eye can see, South of Lubbock, Texas:
We were greeted by a sudden blizzard while driving into Santa Fe, New Mexico:
From Williams, Arizona, we drove to the Grand Canyon on a cold, but gorgeous day:
Cole gave me a great haircut on the steps of Jessica's apartment:
We bought two Ahi Tuna steaks at Trader Joe's and pan-seared them. A delicious departure meal:
It was a great week. I found some time to do a little editing work in the car, and we set-up the apartment I'll be renting in April, so it wasn't completely work-free, but it sure was nice to get away for a week and have a little adventure!

Why I've Been A Little Quiet

Five years ago, I started writing here for practice. Above and beyond all other things, I consider myself a writer. So everyday, I used to sit down, and usually stream of consciousness, I would just type out my thoughts and feelings. More recently, as my presence on the web has grown (Youtube (old & new),, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook), I've been more spread out and thus, I haven't dedicated the same amount of time to writing on this blog. I've also had a hard time classifying what I write about. A one time, I had this blog, a political blog, a blog about film-making, and a video blog. I was just overwhelmed writing in all those places. So I decided to just write ALL of my random thoughts here.

This year, I applied for an LLC for my production company and changed the name to coincide with this blog. This is no doubt confusing for my clients, because my supposed company website is actually my personal, online diary. So I've been playing with the idea of changing this site to my company website. As I've been weighing all of these options and managing my other sites, I've been reluctant to write so stream of consciousness very often here any more. I apologize if you come here on a direct link to the homepage and are annoyed by the same old post over and over again. Thanks as always for reading. It means a lot.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm In L.A.

Some pictures even got taken. Once I download them off my camera, I'll share them. The roadtrip was nice. Long. More fun with Cole along for the ride. Austin was warm and beginning to buzz with SXSW fever. In Santa Fe, we got hit with a 24 hour blizzard. We saw the Grand Canyon on a blue-sky day. Now we're in L.A., indulging in time spent with close friends and even taking in some of the sights. Tomorrow we're going hiking in the canyon (Fryman) and then to Venice beach.

Ok, pictures soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anton Seim I & II

My great grandfather, Anton Seim, born, Norway, 1887
Me, Anton Seim, born, Wisconsin, USA, 1983
My great grandfather died in 1951, so I never knew him, but I've always been quite proud of the fact that I bear his name.

This is he and his wife Johanna on their wedding day on June 28, 1914:
They were both born in Norway and spoke Norwegian at home.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Spending April in L.A.

At the end of the week, I'll be packing up my car and heading (with Cole) to the South by Southwest film, music and interactive festival in Austin, Texas. I'll be spending the weekend there, seeing some friends and checking out all the free events at coffee shops around downtown. From Austin, I'll be heading to L.A., stopping first in Santa Fe to visit my best friend (he's currently there working on one of the biggest films of the year), then driving to the Grand Canyon for a night and then finishing the drive to L.A.

We'll be hanging out in L.A. for a few days, basically having a Spring Break "vacation". And then at the end of the week, we'll be flying back to DFW. What I'm trying to get at, is that I'm leaving my car in L.A. - I've rented a room with my friend Jessica for the month of April and I've booked a solid month of work, camera-operating on two different projects. It's not a permanent move back. If I don't book more work on into May, I'll pack up my car, this time cleaning out my storage unit, and I'll drive all the way back to Dallas-Fort Worth with all of my belongings.

In the coming months, I will be establishing a permanent office in Dallas-Fort Worth, while continuing to "commute" to L.A. to work with the clients I have made there.

Here's my schedule for March and April:

12 March - Drive to Austin
13 March - Spend night in Austin
14 March - Drive to Santa Fe
15 March - Drive to Williams, AZ (Grand Canyon)
16 March - Drive to L.A.
17 March - L.A.
18 March - L.A.
19 March - L.A.
20 March - Fly to DFW
21, 22 March - DFW
23 March - Fly to Minneapolis
24, 25 March - Minnesota/Wisconsin
26 March - Fly back to DFW
27, 28, 29 March - DFW
30 March - Fly to L.A.
April - L.A.
May - Drive back to DFW with everything I own.