Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why I've Been A Little Quiet

Five years ago, I started writing here for practice. Above and beyond all other things, I consider myself a writer. So everyday, I used to sit down, and usually stream of consciousness, I would just type out my thoughts and feelings. More recently, as my presence on the web has grown (Youtube (old & new),, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook), I've been more spread out and thus, I haven't dedicated the same amount of time to writing on this blog. I've also had a hard time classifying what I write about. A one time, I had this blog, a political blog, a blog about film-making, and a video blog. I was just overwhelmed writing in all those places. So I decided to just write ALL of my random thoughts here.

This year, I applied for an LLC for my production company and changed the name to coincide with this blog. This is no doubt confusing for my clients, because my supposed company website is actually my personal, online diary. So I've been playing with the idea of changing this site to my company website. As I've been weighing all of these options and managing my other sites, I've been reluctant to write so stream of consciousness very often here any more. I apologize if you come here on a direct link to the homepage and are annoyed by the same old post over and over again. Thanks as always for reading. It means a lot.

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