Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Wouldn't Think

It's probably not apparent by these pictures (in which we're all on our phones and ignoring each other completely) - we had an absolutely wonderful weekend together.

We all went to Lake Arrowhead, CA for the weekend and shared a cabin while attending the 2010 Lake Arrowhead Film Festival. Our friends' film "Grande Drip," took home the award for "Best Ensemble Cast." It was a great little festival with a lot of spirit. It was a fun and relaxing weekend, full of inspiration.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Update - April 2010

In an effort to be more vulnerable with my words (inspired again by my good friend Kyle - writer, artist, musician), I'm here to write, stream-of-consciousness to give you a look into where I am in the days of my life. So here goes:

On Good Friday I flew back to Los Angeles and moved in with my friend Jessica for the month of April. I had booked about 9 days of camera-operating work in the Southern California area, shooting b-roll of apartment properties for a Texas-based company. Shortly before leaving Dallas-Fort Worth, I filmed internet commercials for my client Oink Art LTD and another new client, also an online retailer. Traveling with the raw footage, I would also be editing those commercials in between b-roll shoots. It is the most work I've had at once in nearly a year. It is a huge blessing to be so busy and I am quickly falling back into the groove of long, diligent days.

*break* (each time I step away to focus on the project I'm working on, I will start a new paragraph)

**I wrote this a few days ago. After typing this out, I pinched a nerve in my neck while stressed out and editing during an all-nighter. This was a very unhealthy night for me. I know you don't want more excuses as to why I'm not writing. I have some big plans, but I'll just wait to share them until I can actually make-good on the promise.

More soon.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy To Be Working, But Very Tired

I desperately want to write a post right now, telling you how blessed I am with work, and how exhausted I am by it all. I'm back in L.A., I'm shooting apartment properties all over Southern California for a great client, I'm editing videos for Oink Art LTD, another great client, and I'm supervising an edit on a web-commercial I shot in Dallas two weeks ago for yet ANOTHER great client. It's just that, to do this all properly, I need to work about 20 hours each day, 7 days a week. But it's just taking everything out of me. I am running around on auto-pilot. My clean clothes are running out. The weirdest thing, is that I don't have anything specific planned a month from now. Not one thing. Not a vacation, not a baby, not a house to buy, not a city to live life could look exactly the same in a month, or totally different. I just don't know. And at the very same time, I can't see the end of this workload. It's a very confusing time, but man, am I glad to be working.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I'm SO Sorry I Haven't Updated

There is no excuse. I'm in L.A. - I have so much work. I will update fully shortly. Once again, I'm SO sorry. I'm well.