Tuesday, May 11, 2010

London Fell Through

It was supposed to have been a done-deal, a week spent in London directing a commercial at the end of May. But it fell through, for the second time. I hadn't heard from the agency in a week and the reservation for my plane ticket had since expired (thank goodness I hadn't already purchased it), so I had time to prepare myself to be disappointed. I got the official call to tell me it had been cancelled first thing this morning. It was actually quite freeing. Now I don't have to prep the job and I can officially move on to other things.

Keenan Hiett, an editor I met last year, recently moved to L.A. and has agreed to edit my film "More Than It Is" for a small fee. This is a blessing. Almost a year has passed since the original production (May 5 - May 17 2009) and I was beginning to lose hope. Keenan has even edited a fantastic theatrical-length trailer that I will be finishing this weekend and posting next week on Vimeo. I'll of course be promoting it like crazy on Facebook and Twitter, so don't worry, you wont miss it!

I'm living in Dallas-Fort Worth for the rest of May, enjoying time with my family and friends (and girlfriend "hello!"). At some point in June I will probably drive back to L.A. to shoot a cooking TV show for 9 days. I'll be subletting a bedroom from my best friend Ben (so no lease!) and I'll be heading up to San Fransisco in late June to begin filming commercials for an apartment company there.

It's been a busy year so far. My production company, Deliberate Industries, which shares the name of this blog is doing great business and freelance camera and editing work are steady. We are also currently in talks with a few different major U.S. television networks, to shoot a travel show based on the sizzle reel we shot in Australia and New Zealand last year. I can't share the details of that development just yet, but I'm very excited at the prospect of more travel and filmmaking adventure.

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to L.A.:

Honest business people at the DFW Airport:

The San Fernando Valley, flying into Burbank Airport:

Here is my camera setup for the apartment commercials I was shooting, including my Flolight LEDs:

Cole and I video-chatted quite a bit. I used to giggle every time I video-chatted. It has started to feel quite normal...:

A small sampling of some of my L.A. family. We picnicked at a remote part of Griffith Park, on the Burbank side:

My standing desk setup in my sublet apartment. It was really comforting to have all of my books close by. I'm going to start doing that all the time:

The assortment of snacks ($65 worth) that I brought on my 24 hour drive from L.A. to Fort Worth:


Anonymously Me said...

What you do is what I want to be doing in a couple years. Keep blogging, because I love reading about your experiences. :)

Anton Seim said...

Thank you and I will! Keep at it. There are very few people who do what I do and there is a great need for more truly freelance director-camera operator-editors - filmmakers who are full-time. Thanks for reading!

P.S. Learn to edit first, intern at a post house, or a production company, intern multiple times at different professional places if possible. Then learn to shoot. Work for a company for 2 or 3 years, then go freelance. You need all that experience first!

Sarah Kay said...

That the director's chair that I gave you!! :)

Cole said...

I'm glad the books around your desk idea turned out to be a good thing for you :)