Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Last Year At This Time

This is so weird. I had decided to write this blog post and was sitting here trying to think of a title and was saying in my head, "well, I'm happy..." - It was almost a year ago exactly that I wrote a post about how depressed I was. Having just returned from New Zealand and Australia, I had this overwhelming feeling that things were going to get very tough and it was going to be exactly a year before I would be able to get back on my feet. And here I am now, exactly one year later, writing to tell you how happy I am!

For most of the last year, I've been living in Dallas-Fort Worth, staying with my family. The year wasn't as travel-free as I thought it would be. Shortly after coming back from Australia, I ended up in Barcelona, visiting my brother, I stopped in New York afterward and spent some time in L.A. (August 2009 and April 2010). But for the most part, my days have been spent in DFW. Things were slow freelance-wise and I ended up taking a position as a P.A. on a television show shooting in Dallas called The Deep End - it was a great learning experience, just observing production on such a major scale, but after 4 weeks of 16 hour days, getting paid about $1,000 a week (roughly $12.50/hr with no overtime) - I quit. It also turned out to be a good decision to work on the show in the long run because FOX took out heavy taxes from my meager wage and it saved me from having to pay a bunch at the end of the year.

Sometime around December 2009, freelance video work started picking up speed. I got busy. Busy-ness has been a blessing, both for the income and also just to give my mind something to focus on other than anxiety. A few days ago, I turned 27, and while I feel older (like a true-blue adult...finally), I'm also in great shape, healthy and happy. What more could you ask for? So I've been saving my money, finishing my movie and investing in my company. There are a lot of projects on the table, video work, a television show, and a movie. Things feel very different than they did last year. I feel good.

Here are some of the "investments" that I feel really good about. Just some little film-gear bits and bobs:

Canon T2i, EF-S 18-105

Miller Compass 15 Solo Alloy Tripod
5600k Flolite LEDs
It's not much, but I've always been hesitant to buy gear. When we have major productions I rent the best of the best, RED ONEs, Kinos etc. - But for day to day use, for those ideas that just pop into my head, this stuff is perfect and allows me to be shooting and creating all the time. I feel inspired and invigorated.

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josh leo said...

yeah wow, the flolights are so much cheaper than litepanels... looks like flolight is gonna come out with a new line soon, they are not stocking the 500's any more... may have to get my work to buy one of these.. I hate the hot lights we have, and they are way to warm in temp...