Monday, July 12, 2010

Asked About My Faith And The Film Industry On Formspring

Fellow video blogger, Josh Leo, whom I admire, asked me, "how does your faith inspire the kind of videos you make?"

This is what I answered:

When I first consciously became a Christian at 19, I contemplated dropping my film ambitions and becoming a missionary. Then I saw a TV show called Travel The Road, which was about missionaries and I saw the potential to merge the two. When I graduated from college, I took a job in commercial post production. I spent my vacations going on international mission trips and making short docs about the trips. A production company next door saw a film I shot in Brazil and asked me if I'd like to come shoot a TV show for them in Europe - and that's how I got started as a camera operator. Later on down the road, I was shooting a "bikini travel show" for the same company. Recently, I'd felt morally convicted about some of the content I'd been producing, so I decided to just stop working on certain projects. I lost a lot of money in the process but I gained a lot of free time. Basically, I want to be deliberate in what I produce, not necessarily only making evangelical content, but deliberately making content that expresses my integrity and the things that are important to me - specifically travel, enjoying life, inspiring children, choosing to be happy and preserving and cherishing the natural environment. It's really important that believing people work in the film industry among unbelievers and share the light of Christ by working hard and being nice, trustworthy people.


Anonymously Me said...

Good answer.

Cole said...

:) This delights me. Thank you for posting this. Yes, I already knew about all of this, but it is your public display of faith and truth that continues to impress me.