Monday, July 12, 2010

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 - Wide Open - Quick Lens Test

I shot this on July 1st at Pardees Cameras in Sacramento, CA. I was in Northern California shooting commercials for apartment complexes and stopped into the camera store to buy something. They had the full line of Sigma lenses, which are much cheaper than Canon L-series and fit both full-frame Canons such as the 5D, and APS-C cameras such as the 7D and T2i. So I grabbed the 50mm, popped it on my Rebel T2i and opened the iris. I really liked the primes, while I wasn't so keen on the Zoom/Macros.

If you don't care about cameras or lenses, but do care about my face, here's a nice close-up of it.

For a very fast lens under $500, I was very impressed with the depth of field. However, you absolutely cannot shoot handheld while wide-open with this lens. Not only is the DOP too shallow, but the jello-effect of the rolling shutter in really amplified while wide-open.

Here are two still shots of my EF-S 18-135mm (taken by the Sigma 50mm, not of the Sigma...):

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