Monday, January 17, 2011

Living With Missionaries In Bolivia

Staying with long-term missionaries while I'm here in Bolivia for two weeks is really opening my mind to a life-style/life that I didn't really understand, or even know existed. Some of these people have been in the mission field 8, 10, 16 years. Their kids weren't born in the United States, but have American passports, most of them with duel citizenship. They grow up being told they are Americans but for the most part they don't fully even understand American culture or have any allegiance at all to the far away "United States." It's really changing my idea of home, of being American and of "Christians'" place in the world.

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Ben said...

This is something I think mission agencies are just starting to try to catch up with. MTW, with whom I served, has a relatively new ministry that's largely devoted to serving TCKs - "third-culture kids." It's a big need in the whole missions scene.