Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Work

After scribing countless emails with links to my various video work, which is all over the internet, I've decided to put together this post, to collect a lot of my work in one place, with links to the corresponding YouTube and Vimeo videos.


Client: Oink Art LTD - "Alchemy"
- view video - rt: 5:36
I have also shot and edited over 100 product review videos for Oink Art LTD, which have gained over 7 million views on YouTube.

Client: Green River Ordinance - "The Weight"
- view video - rt: 4:20
I shot and directed 6 music videos for the band Green River Ordinance "covers" EP, also including "Baby" and "Stuck in the Middle"

Client: Florida Baby UK - "Traveling With Children"
- view video - (from 2:04 - 2:34)
This video was filmed for Malt Films London and was directed by Robert Hindle. I shot and directed 5 separate films, including the dream sequence of this video, all on location at Walt Disney World Orlando.

Client: Required Team Gear
- view video - rt: 4:55
Promotional video featuring the CEO of a sports clothing distributor. Shot on green-screen and motion-graphics heavy.

Client: Click Here - "Prance Like a Man"
(Holiday Themed Spoof Rap Video)
- view video - rt: 3:03
Shot on the Red One camera by Digital Shakedown, this video was shot for The Richards Group's "Click Here" agency.

Client: Metro PCS
- view video - rt: 3:25
The CEO of Metro PCS has a video chat with Ranjit and Chad, the stars of their popular "Tech & Talk" television commercials.

Client: Lonely Planet "Eating in Ho Chi Minh"
- view video - rt: 5:17
Traveled to Vietnam to film an eating tour around Ho Chi Minh city.

Client: Moana Turquoise, Tahiti
- view video - rt: 2:25
Traveled to the island of Huahine in French Polynesia and filmed this promotional video for a tour company.

Camera Work:

I've shot over 100 apartment properties, mostly across California.

Client: HEB "Behind The Scenes"
- view video - rt: 1:37
Behind the scenes footage of what goes into launching a new ad-campaign for HEB grocery stores.

Client: Team Tiger Awesome - "Vampires...Suck"
- view video - rt: 3:00
Early comedy spoof of the popularity of vampire movies, filmed for Team Tiger Awesome.

Camera Credits for Project MyWorld, Get Out! and Fed Up! Television shows.

Project MyWorld: Shooter Reel
- view video - rt: 1:22
Television show for Direct TV Channel 101 - traveled from Los Angeles and across 1o different European countries in search of love and adventure.

This is just a very small sampling of some of my work on the web. This post exist mostly for future reference.

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