Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Years Later

I just exclaimed "oh...my...gosh," out loud, as I sat here at my desk and looked to see when I put up the last post. 2011? Is that possible? After writing on this blog nearly every day for over 5 years, I just quit. But I left this all here as a sort of time-capsule to remember all the things that went on during the foundation of my business. The reasons I stopped writing in this space were both a dissatisfaction with the progress of the Blogger.com platform and the belief that I would begin to operate a proper website with it's own /blog section in place of this free site. And I did have that website for about a year, before attempting to move it from GoDaddy to another host and breaking the design beyond repair in the process (thanks WordPress!). However, coming back to the site tonight, I am really pleasantly surprised by how far Blogger has come. While Google is sadly getting rid of their RSS reader Google.com/reader, they're obviously putting some care and affection into their blogging platform. I can't say whether I'm back to stay or if this is just a semi-annual life update, but I'm glad to be back typing on this blog tonight. So here are the details:

It has truly been an amazing two years. It's been an amazing life! Shortly after my last post, I traveled to Iceland with 3 friends and made another short film called "The Noblist." It's not available to watch yet, but I'll go ahead and post a scene that I've never shown before.

For the last two years I've continued to run Deliberate Industries, a production company specializing in branded content and video marketing. It's popular to call what I do "viral video" but I try to stay away from that term because it's nearly impossible to guarantee a client that there video will go viral, even if it's a video that somehow incorporates both cats and crotch-shots. My other bread and butter is camera operating for docu-reality television. I'd list the credits, but if I start putting the names of shows I've worked on in writing on this blog, it's going to set off a flurry of Google Alerts that the producers, who are my clients, have set up for the names of the shows (some but not all are listed on my IMDB). A few were specials for the discovery channel, one was about the president's armored limousine, another about the secret service and another documenting conspiracy theories about Jesus. Those shows took me from Los Angeles, to Texas to the South of France, Israel and Rome. Afterwards, I booked more time to go on a trip to Poland which marked the 50th country that I've visited. Last year I was also brought back to India to finish filming the second season of an independently produced television show about orphanage and school building. And then I traveled to Amsterdam for another TV show centered around the lives of international superstar DJs.

One of my most loyal clients over the last few years has been Sequoia Equities, "a privately held real estate investment manager" (from their website). They own a lot of apartment complexes, mostly on the West Coast. They are unique in that they have an incredibly passionate and talented marketing team who has trusted me to help them with them develop branded content videos that are both informative and actually entertaining to watch. Their campaign, called "Don't Get Chester'd", told a multi-part narrative story about a dastardly landlord called "Chester". In the videos, actors played characters and each chapter was both an advertisement for Sequoia Equities as well as a funny comedy sketch. The videos were fairly low budget when compared to national television commercials, but were fun to shoot, well received, viewed thousands of times and best of all, shook up the apartment industry because they were something that nobody else was doing. In all we ended up shooting 10 Chester videos, with a total view count in the tens of thousands.

2013 started with me covering music events for Billboard.com, such as the Justin Timberlake concert at Palladium ballroom after the Grammy's (that was a highlight for me). And the filming of a pilot for a new health and wellness television show on Veria network. That show (once again, I don't want to say the name, so as not to set off Google Alerts), was just greenlit for 26 episodes this Summer, and I will be both the director of photography and field producer.

I guess what I'm writing to say is that I've been hard at work and I feel really fortunate to do the job I do. Over the next two years, I'd like to write more, whether it's here or on some other platform, and I'd like to continue to produce great video content that people watch and enjoy. Sorry for the prolonged hiatus on this blog and thanks for taking the time to read all of this.


heather hub said...

Anton! Wow! Great to hear such an amazing update. You have been BUSY. Glad your life has been going so amazingly well. Both videos look great and good gosh, you have tons of awesome credentials now! I hope you do start blogging a bit more.

Anonymously Me said...

So...basically that sounds awesome. How do I get a job like that? I like traveling, I like video production, I like helping people. But I can't seem to find a job other than at a grocery store haha.

I hope you keep writing more!

kyle said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, thanks to no more Reader, I'm just now remembering blogging! Which leads me to remember all of your deliberate deliveries. I can't wait to catch a glimpse of this bad boy (the short film that is)!

See ya around Anton!


elaine x said...

=) i've jumped over to check and see how you were doing and ... just smiles and kudos to you on your enduring and empowering and creating such a brilliant life!